Welcome to The Ridge Childcare


At this age, learning’s about fun. We know that and it’s what forms the basis of everything we do at The Ridge Childcare. It’s not simply a place where you can leave your kids – it’s a place where your kids come to have fun and learn, and where you can leave them secure in the knowledge that they’ll want to come back tomorrow.

We offer a nurturing pre-school environment for children up to five years old that encourages a love of learning and supports each child’s all-round development. And, most importantly, lets them have fun along the way.  We also have a “Transition To School” programme for our 4yr olds and have a school room specially dedicated to this to make it an easier transition (please feel free to come and have a look).

We welcome enquiries so feel free to call in for an informal chat with any of our staff or if you would like to make an appointment for a more formal meeting please contact us.