6th Apr 2014

IMPORTANT DATES: April school holidays are coming up along with Easter and Anzac Day.
Yayyy! We will be closed on 18th & 21st March which is Good Friday and Easter Monday and also on
25th which is Anzac Day. Last day of school is Thursday 17th April and return on the 5th May. Hope
you all have a great break.

STAFF: As you are aware, Josie left last Friday on her maternity leave for approximately 1yr. We wish
her and her family all the best with their new addition that is arriving soon. We are very lucky to have
Angelica step in for Josie during this time. Angelica is fully qualified with a Bachelor of Teaching
(ECE). We have also employed Claire, who is training for her ECE qualifications. She is helping out
all over the centre. We have over 80% qualified staff every day which is well above MOE regulations.

PARENT INFORMATION: We have noticed a few parents not adhering to the specific times that
they attested to in their child’s enrolment form. For example if you enrolled your child 7.30am—
5.30pm then those are the times that you must drop off and collect your child. If you wish to change
the times to suit your needs better, please see Lynne or Julie so you can fill out a change of enrolment
time form – these are rules set out by the Ministry Of Education.

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April 2014 newsletter